Tao is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’, ‘path’, or ‘route’, and signifies the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe. In March of 1997, while driving Highway 50 to a season of guiding river in the Grand Canyon, I found myself, unexpectedly, in a very white world. A raging blizzard showed me the way, the universe had spoken, and my path changed forever. An avid skier and river runner for the last 35 years, it was then I fell in love with the central highlands of Nevada and began planning what has become Toiyabe Adventure Outfitters.

The Nevada back country is a world like no other and as time marches on its imprint on my being has become deeply profound. Un-skied powder aching for turn the of a ski have called me and smiled upon me as I’ve looked back at the fresh, free, and easy tracks that have brought me to this here and now. Crisp clean air, incredible views, and peace and solitude like I have never experienced before have led me to soft beds under the mountain mahoganies, to snow camps high in the local ranges, and at days’ end, to hot springs where I’ve rejuvenated my weary muscles and tired bones.

Now, 14 years later, it’s time to share my experiences with others. After living in a tipi for almost four years and untold miles of driving and hiking up then unknown canyons, TAO is ready to guide you into some of the most surprising and remote back country in the continental United States. With a permit to operate on over 2.3 million acres of national forest, TAO has cracked the code to provide you with boarding and skiing access to literally hundreds of square miles of open bowls, steeps, and chutes. And once summer comes, after the winter snowpack is but a memory, we can guide you into three little used wilderness areas, facilitate a trek on the Toiyabe Crest National Scenic Trail, picnic in a field of wild flowers, or go for a mountain bike ride on seemingly endless miles of forest service double track. Whether your passion is skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, climbing, yoga, star gazing, or just whiling away the day in a natural hot spring, Toiyabe Adventure Outfitters has the knowledge and experience to turn your dream into a once in a lifetime reality.

So come on out. Put up your feet. Take in the quiet, dark star lit night skies, wide open spaces, and experience a piece of old west hospitality. Let TAO help you find your way. Become one with TAO.
B.G. Tackett
Founder & Adventurist
Toiyabe Adventure Outfitters