Road & Mountain Biking

cycleEach year U.S. Highway 50, “The Loneliest Road in America”, draws hundreds of biking adventure seekers and fund raisers alike. Located halfway across your Nevada road bike journey, TAO is uniquely positioned to provide you with the rest and relaxation you need to allow you to continue upon your pedaling path. A soft bed, a good meal, and of course a soak in a natural hot springs will revitalize you like no other stop along your way whether you are heading east to Maryland, west to San Francisco, or are just enjoying the challenges and solitude of riding through the basin and range. TAO caters to both solo riders and to the many groups that pass by annually. Whether you are seeking clean sheets in the bunkhouse and a home cooked meal, or want to continue your hard won road developed camping ways, TAO will shuttle you down the 11 miles of dirt road to and from the highway to our lodge located at Hot Springs Ranch. Let us know when you’ll be passing through and let TAO help you along your path.

mountainbike_2Mountain Biking in Nevada’s Central Highlands is still a virtually unknown mecca for fat tire, dirt pedaling, aficionados. On the trails outside of Austin, Nevada, and sponsored by the USFS, miles of marked double track trails for all ability levels exist. Ride while chatting with your friends and family along road accessed, wind swept ridges. Drop down long down hills into well watered creeks and meadows, and pedal through aspen glades below peaks of the northern Toiyabe Range soaring over 10,000’.

For a more customized multi day adventure let Tao guide you in the local mountains near Hot Springs Ranch and experience the glory of hard riding, spectacular scenery, a hot soak and comfortable lodge at day’s end. Wash off the dirt, kick back by the fire, and enjoy the hospitality that only TAO can provide.

Should naturally flowing hot water be a driving force in your travels, and why wouldn’t it be, join TAO in our signature “Tour de Hot”. Three days of guided riding end daily at a different hot springs, with the final soak at our lodge located at Hot Springs Ranch. With over 95% of the ride on dirt, all meals and motor support are provided on a mountain bike adventure like no other. Work hard, play hard, relax harder! Melt away the miles with TAO.

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