Snowshoe & Snowcamp

snowcampIf snowshoeing is your passion, incredible day tours await you virtually right outside our front door.  Let TAO transport you to snowline where we will spend the day in quiet solitude amid snow enshrouded aspen glades.  Shoeing near summers’ long frozen creeks, keep on the lookout for tracks of deer, elk, bobcat, and maybe even a mountain lion!   And if luck is with us, you might even see the owners of those tracks.  Or perhaps we’ll startle a bird of prey and watch as it gracefully navigates its’ flight through the trunks of old growth aspen to the open skies above.

Along the way, we’ll stop for hot tea, snacks, have lunch, and look at the ruins of the “Carbonari”, the Italian charcoal makers that provided the fuel to process ore mined in nearby Eureka.  Weather permitting, as we exit the trees and leave the steep canyons behind, we might climb a ridge, or perhaps, if you’re feeling particularly spunky, we’ll bag one of the local peaks, so that you can experience the expansive views that Nevada’s basin and range is known for.

In addition to day trips, TAO offers multi day overnight excursions as well.  Allow yourself the pleasure and camaraderie of back country snow camping in unparalled mountain scenery.  For overnight trips, be prepared to bring your own gear and let TAO show you the way.

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