Yoga Path

The Yoga Path at Toiyabe Aventure Outfitters™ is a meditative adventure that combines silent walking and seated meditations within a structured asana practice. Travel the path of natural trails to each yoga station through a sea of sage brush. Experience mind-expanding views of the desert valley and the surrounding mountains during an inward journey outdoors. Afterwards, soak in the natural hot springs, read a book on the porch, or take a hike through the local range trails. Spend the nights in the rustic, sustainably-constructed, off-the-grid lodge at HSR and enjoy communal meals. When not practicing, converse with guests, spin a record on the antique Victrola, play an instrument, and watch the stars come out and moon rise from the hot springs.

The Yoga Path is also available to private yoga studios for booking, with accommodations available through TAO.

Summer 2013, in partnership with Kelly Dacey of Inner Light Transformations, TAO is offering yoga retreats.  Come experience the ultimate inner transformation while experiencing panoramic views, natural silence, and incredible night skies.  TAO offers an amazing opportunity to return to a simpler life while Inner Light facilitates a profoundly deep, nature based, internal practice.  The ultimate gift we provide is the time and space to remember who you really are.  Utilizing integrative bodywork and yoga therapies, Kelly’s retreat is a unique opportunity to unwind, relax, and transform.  Your four night three day journey will take you deeper into your yoga practice than ever before and will include:

  • Arrival:  Upon your arrival, enjoy the hospitality of the house and the natural hot springs.
  • Day 1:  Sunrise and Sunset yoga.
  • Day 2: Take a morning journey on TAO’s Yoga Path; evening yoga.
  • Day 3:  Sunrise yoga, guided yoga hike.
  • Departure: Sunrise yoga on your own.  Pick a favorite location and enjoy!  Take another soak, and depart at your leisure.

Integrative Yoga Teaching will focus on individuals’ specific chronic or acute injury needs utilizing restorative and spirit led vinyasa flow yoga in the morning and yin style in late afternoon/evening.  In addition, chakra health will be addressed throughout the weekend.   Seated and walking meditations will be strongly encouraged between morning and evening classes, and of course the hot spring will be open to everyone at any time.

Finally, bringing her over 12 years of experience as an Integrative Body Worker and yoga instructor to play, Kelly is offering to each retreat participant an assessment of each individual’s body, mind, and spirit in a personalized Yoga for You session.  Nature is an abundant source of healing and both retreats occur around the full moon, so come join Inner Light Transformations and TAO and dance under the full moon.  Be your free self!

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